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Rehoming your pet






Your situation has changed and you need to find your dog a new home.  We can assist by courtesy posting the dog on Social media sites.  We also belong to adoptapet rehome page.  The link below contains the information to get started.

If you are deciding to rehome your pet, our policy is the dog must be fully vetted, meaning they need to have all their vaccines up to date as well as be spayed or neutered.  We cannot take in any dogs that do not have all their vaccines due to the fact that all fosters have other dogs and children and we do not want to put our animals or family members at risk.

If your dog has a bite history, be honest.  If they have behavioral issues, be honest.  Sometimes it puts us in a dangerous situation.  

We only have so much room.  We are a small rescue with minimal resources.  

If your dog is not spayed or neutered there will be a $150 charge.  This will assist us in providing the veterinary care for the surgery.  It costs us $300 to neuter and $400 to spay.

Please use the link below to post your pet on Rehome, an adoptapet webpage viewed by thousands.  

Your write up should include the dogs age, sex, behavioral issues, what the dog likes and doesn't like.  Are they good with children, other dogs, cats? 

Rehoming your pet is a serious matter.  You rescued, purchased or received the dog as a commitment.  Sometimes commitment comes with a price.  They are not disposable.

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