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The Ruff Stuff

Hopefully you will gain some insight into what it takes to rescue, why we do it and the forces behind what goes into helping animals and sometimes people finding their dream companion. I will also talk about some of the not so nice things we come across. Rescue is not for the faint of heart. It is determination, drive and the desire overcome the obstacles that make it work

My name is Laura Witzal. I am a registered nurse by trade but have been a lover of all animals I guess you can say since I was little. At a young age, I would sit on my porch with the mountain dogs as we called them. Stray wandering dogs that had no one. I would feed them, pet them and play with them to my mother’s dismay. Every stray cat come home with me, but I was not allowed to bring the dogs in at my mother’s insistence. I knew this was the start of my journey.

My husband and I had cats when we first got married and never saw eye to eye on getting a dog until Buddie. Buddie was in a local pet shop as a two month old pup. I wanted her badly but the pet stores charge an exorbitant fee. I bided my time and at 6 months old Buddie still was not adopted. Of course her fee was not so much anymore, so Buddie came home with me. That was the beginning of it all. Once Buddie past away, we rescued a pitbull mix named Ally. Next month a yorkie/schnauzer mix named Ricky. Oh boy now the fun began. We ended with 4 rescues in total. That is when I was asked to join a rescue group. I started as a foster, then coordinator and well then started my own rescue.

Here is the beginning of the chapters of what I see is good and what I have seen that is bad. I will go into detail of the many fosters that have “rolled” through my home. Some have good endings and some do not. But I can tell you each and every one of them was loved beyond belief. I still cry at those difficult adoptions that take place, where we never thought the dog would find their furever home. And I still cry at those that I have lost. No dog is ever, should I say never euthanized for any other than medical reasons. Which is probably why I have my four and four more at my home that would never be adopted and remain with me until they are called over the rainbow bridge.

So get out your tissues for those happy tears and sad tears. Here is Pawsitively Furever’s story.

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